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Is Your Vacation Rental Home Kid-Friendly?

July 23rd, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

Since traditional schools are on a three-month break, summer months are often the first choice in seasons for family vacations. Vacation rental homes are very popular for those traveling with children. Let’s face it, taking the whole family on the road can be expensive, especially when it comes to mealtimes. Staying in a vacation rental – with a KITCHEN – not only keeps the family unit together while providing everyone privacy but preparing family meals costs a fraction of the expense of dining out 2 or 3 times a day!


Moxie Girl is always enthusiastic about making your guests experience is great. On top of being certain your vacation rental home is well-maintained and sparkling clean upon their arrival, there are dozens of “little ways” to add to your guests comfort and make them feel cared for! Today, we’re focusing on kid-friendly items, but check out our blog “That’s a Nice Touch!” for adding general awesomeness all around your vacation rental home!


There’s Always Room Under a Bed


Unless you specifically market your vacation rental home to families with children, you may not want to have any ‘kid stuff’ visible on a regular basis and parents are generally going to pack up and bring whatever they deem necessary to care for the kids. But the good news is there are lots of small items that you can have on hand in your vacation rental home that can make a positive impression on the whole family. 


And the GREAT news is that all these things can be corralled under a bed when not in use! Just be sure to let your guests know where to find this trove of treasures for their little ones. If you’re feeling really creative, you could even turn the experience into a treasure hunt game!


What’s in the Box?


A plastic ‘sweater storage’ box (these are usually large-ish and rectangular, about 6” deep) with a lid makes for a perfect fit under most beds and can hold a lot of kid-friendly fun! Most, if not all of these things are readily available at your favorite dollar store:


Coloring/Activity/Puzzle Books

Drawing Paper Pads


Board Games/Playing Cards

Small Inflatable Pool Toys (new in package, please!)

Soap Bubbles/Bubble-Blowing Tools

A Night-lite, if your vacation rental doesn’t already have them in the bedrooms


And let’s not forget about personal amenities. Yes, we did say parents are likely to bring whatever products they require for the kids but show us a 5-year-old who wouldn’t love an unexpected bubble bath using that little bottle of bubble bath liquid and rubber ducky they found in the box? There’s a kid-version of most things – tissues, lotions, shampoo, and soaps – that will make the little ones feel treated just as special as the adults!


These, Too, Shall Fit Under a Bed


Two small pieces of very helpful (and often left at home) equipment when it comes to dealing with kids are a booster seat and a step stool – and they’ll fit under the bed with your ‘kid box’, too! Parents are resourceful – do you WANT toddlers propped up on your fancy throw pillows

while eating tomato soup? Didn’t think so…but it could definitely happen “in a pinch.”)


A step stool for the kiddies can help in the bathroom for sure. It’s HARD not to make a mess brushing your teeth if you’re shorter than the sink! Young ones may also find a step stool to be a fun way to climb into the adult-sized bed they may be sleeping in while at your vacation rental.


Pool Time!


If your vacation rental home has a pool, Moxie Girl has posted a number of blogs that could be helpful to you. Be sure to check out our Moxie Blog, “5 Sizzling Summer Tips for Vacation Rental Homes with Pools”!



We mentioned perhaps providing some small, inflatable pool toys in the ‘kid box’. Providing these items, new in-the-packaging, is best. Not only is someone going to have to put them to their lips to blow them up, but there are also pre-printed consumer warnings already on the packaging…such as ‘This is not a life-saving device!”…in case there was ANY question about whether or not it’s safe to leave a 4 year old in the pool alone with this beach ball mom is about to inflate.


Don’t forget about the “No Glass Near the Pool” rule you SHOULD have posted at your vacation rental! The dollar store is again your friend here. There are dozens of choices for colorful, pool-safe drinkware for everyone – and some, especially for kids!


Don’t Forget!


Be sure your guests know where to find the kid-goods! The ‘kid-box’ effort is pointless if no one knows where it is.  A card left with the box could contain a special welcome note to the kids as well as any simple ‘rules’ you may have regarding the contents of the box. You know, “please return all puzzle pieces, crayons, games pieces, etc. to the box for our next mini guests to enjoy!”


It should go without saying that this little box of treasures – and any kid-equipment – should be inspected, replenished and sanitized between guests, just as you would with any adult guest amenities. (Okay, maybe EXTRA sanitation on the kid stuff. Just sayin’.)


Moxie Girl is Your Phoenix-Area Vacation Rental Specialist!


Whether you own a vacation rental home or are looking to be a Vacation Rental Assistant, Moxie Girl may be the answer for you. We specialize in the care of over 100 vacation rental homes, Valley-wide!


For vacation rental homeowners, Moxie Girl takes the worry out of between-guest turns, giving them more time to spend in other areas of their lives! Our vast experience with vacation rentals and our reliable service can give you the peace of mind you crave while ensuring your guests are enjoying the best experience possible in your vacation rental. (Great experiences = great reviews = more bookings = more profit for you!) Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION! 



Our Moxies (boys AND girls) stay in shape making our client’s vacation rentals fresh, clean and guest-ready while enjoying a flexible schedule and a supportive team environment! If Moxie life sounds like a fit for you, please CLICK HERE and tell us about yourself! We are always looking to welcome our newest team member!



Growing With the Moxie Girl Team

March 5th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

As a female-founded, owned and operated business, the celebration of International Women’s Day is dear to our hearts. Moxie Girl would like to take time to recognize some of the women most important to US – the members of our Moxie tribe!

What We Share

Each of our Moxies is unique but our commonalities unite us!

First, and obviously, we’re mostly “girls” (hello! it’s in the name…but of course we welcome worthy Moxie “boys” as well!)

Second, we are all looking for flexibility for various reasons and the nature of Moxie Girl’s business allows for that flexibility!

And third, we all desire to be part of a trusted, supportive team – and that can seem hard to come by these days. Moxie Girl holds our core values in high regard and we believe these values are what allows us to BE a trusted and supportive team. We wouldn’t consider bringing anyone into our tribe we felt didn’t share our beliefs about respect, communication, personal development, people first, integrity and trust!

Where Do Moxie Girls Come From?

Well, we wish we could grow them on meticulously manicured trees, but they actually come from a variety of “places” – places in LIFE. For example, our Moxie tribe currently includes college students, moms with school-age kids, career-changers and a few new to the workforce or re-entering after a significant absence. There are all kinds of real-life situations that make joining the Moxie team a great choice! Moxie Girl appreciates your life experience. No matter your background, we believe that if you share our core values, you’ve got something to offer!

Use Your Skills and Learn New Ones!

The care of vacation rentals is an an excellent venue for utilizing your existing household management and domestic engineering skills! Think of it as “turning” a tiny hotel – spotlessly cleaning, handling the laundry and making it guest-ready, right down to the staging.

Moxie Girl loves multi-taskers and self-motivation – and we definitely have our own processes. So even if you DON’T HAVE those household management or domestic engineering skills, we can help you learn and cultivate those things!

Keeping Fit in Body and Mind

Turning a vacation rental isn’t for “wimps”…But who needs a gym membership with all the stretches, squats and hustling the job requires? Save your money AND make more – all in a day’s work!

Most vacation rental care assignments are “solo,” and for many of us, that equals “meditative.” Just cleaning our own homes is mind-clearing for a lot of us anyway, so why not get paid while you sort out your head?

What Else Do You Do?

Moxie Girl is a rapidly growing company, which means sometimes we don’t know what we need until we need it. It also means we may be able to utilize your skills from a “previous life” or ask if you might be interested in exploring and developing new ones! (For example, I’d never done any blog writing before the summer of 2018…I think I’m improving.)

Our more experienced Moxie tribe members bring with them quite the collection of talents – care-taking, accounting, marketing, serving – even running their own businesses – that can be applied to the ever-changing needs of our business. All Moxies are encouraged to “test the waters” of duties that may interest them when the need arises, giving opportunity for personal development.

The End Result…

We all win! Moxie Girl has set goals and high standards for ourselves as The Valley’s Vacation Rental Specialist and as our business grows, so does our tribe of Moxies. It’s all about the resources – and we know a fabulous team is the greatest resource we can have.

Ready to Join Moxie Girl? We are always interested in adding the right people to our team.  If you think you might be a fit, speak up – APPLY HERE!