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How to maintain your washer and dryer

September 18th, 2020 | By Claudia Moreno

Washers and dryers at vacation rental homes sure take a beating! It’s not uncommon for the use of these two appliances in a vacation rental home to be 2-3 times that of a washer and dryer in a regular residential dwelling, especially if guests have access to the laundry room. The increased usage of the vacation homes washer and dryer should be met with more frequent maintenance and cleaning to keep them performing their best – and avoid pricey repairs and replacements.


With the cost of a professional appliance repair person ranging from $45-$100 an hour and parts marked up at least 100%, it’s in your best interest as a vacation rental homeowner to regularly clean and maintains these appliances – and even be able to do a little troubleshooting on your own!


Check Your Connections


When performing maintenance on your washer and dryer, be sure to check all the connections for water and power. Cords, hoses, connections should all be in good repair – no kinks, frays, tears, or holes. If you do notice anything amiss here – and you’re not confident in your repair knowledge or skills in this area – it may be best to call in a pro, just due to safety concerns.

Best Practices


Abusive practices, such as overloading the washer and not cleaning out the dryer lint trap after each use, will cause problems sooner or later. Especially if your vacation rental home guests have access, be sure to post instructions for proper use!


Hard Water Blues


The need for a stepped-up maintenance and cleaning schedule for your washer and dryer is even more important if your vacation rental property has “hard” water – that is, water with high mineral content. While it’s safe to drink, the dissolved calcium and magnesium in hard water can leave behind a film in your washer, and this film can attract and hold dirt from the laundry. Ewww.


Washing Your Washer


Cleaning your washer is really pretty easy, and doesn’t require any fancy supplies. In fact, baking soda and vinegar are the only two things you’ll need besides a spray bottle and a cleaning cloth! We found a great set of instructions for both front loading and top loading washers that walks you through the cleaning process, step-by-step. Check it out here!

Your Dryer Needs to Vent!


Seriously. A clogged dryer vent causes inefficiency and undue stress on your dryer leading to higher utility costs and machine breakdown – but a clogged vent could also cause a fire! In a typical residence, dryer vents should be cleaned annually, but since the dryer in a vacation rental home is generally used more frequently (think of all those towels!) you may want to check your dryer vent 2-3 times a year.

In the Phoenix area, you can find a professional to clean your dryer vent starting around $69. If you’re into the DIY lifestyle, we found this very informative video that not only shows you how you can tell if your dryer vent needs cleaning, but leads you through the actual process!


What’s Wrong?


Even with regular maintenance and cleaning, there’s always a chance that one day, they just won’t work. Rather than rushing to call in the repair person, there are some basic troubleshooting tasks you should do first, if possible, such as checking the power to the laundry area. You certainly don’t want to pay an appliance repair person to tell you your electrical outlet is bad, or you’ve thrown a breaker. Checking all connections to the appliance itself should be at the top of your list.


If your problem does truly seem to be the appliance itself, your owners manual should include a troubleshooting guide – and many manuals can now be found online for your convenience. Even if your appliance is under warranty, the warranty company will want to walk you through these steps before a repair is scheduled.

Appearance Counts


Don’t forget the outer surfaces of your washer and dryer – these appliances should look as fantastic as the rest of your vacation rental home. Wipe them down regularly (Moxie Girl recommends Truce All-Purpose!) for a clean shine and fresh scent!


Moxie Girl is Here to Help!

Moxie Girl brings years of experience to caring for your vacation rental home and we are here to help. Whether you’re looking for professional between-guest turns, or just need some helpful tips, Moxie Girl has what you need. Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION, and check out our blogs, past, and future!

First Impressions From The Moxie Perspective

August 27th, 2020 | By Claudia Moreno

First Impressions

As a vacation rental cleaner, you never know what you are going to walk into once the guests have checked out. Your first impression of the guest can go one of two ways. The first way you are going to walk into the house and the guests have completed the checkout list that the owner has provided. If this is the way that you walk in, your clean is going to go great and you normally won’t have problems. The second way is that you are going to walk in, the rental is going to be completely used, and nothing is done on the checkout list. If you walk into a super used rental, your clean is going to be tougher, and you are usually going to be there longer than intended. 

Having Checkout Suggestions

When guests check out of a vacation rental, Moxie Girl leaves a complimentary checklist for the guest to follow to make our clean and arrival so much easier. Some of our suggestions include stripping the beds or starting towels in the washer, starting the dishwasher, and taking out the trash. Just by doing one of these simple tasks can make a Moxie Girl’s cleaning go so much smoother. When we walk into a vacation rental, and the guests have left the place without doing any of the checklists, then the cleaner stresses once they get there debating on how the cleaning is going to take them. 

Not using Checkout Suggestions 

When guests check out of a vacation rental and don’t use any of the checklist suggestions, it can make our job so much more stressful. I’ll give an example, here at Moxie Girl, when cleaning a vacation rental we sometimes encounter a same day turn, which means the cleanings need to take place in between a guest checking out that day and new guests arriving the same day. When cleaning a home that is same day flip you’re on a time crunch. So, when guests leave a bunch of towels, and bedding used then we are responsible to clean all of the laundries, but with guests starting a load of laundry it makes our cleaning go a little smoother and can cut an hour or so off the cleaning time. Another suggestion for guests is picking up and taking all their trash out, by doing this it doesn’t take up our cleaning time, and we have more time to focus on the resetting of the home and getting the vacation rental ready for their next guest. So next time you stay at a vacation rental, keep your cleaners in mind and partake in the check out suggestions.

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Outdoor Upgrades For Your Vacation Rental Home

September 16th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

One of the biggest “selling-points” of a Phoenix-area vacation rental home is our weather! Now, obviously, we’re not talking about summer – although there are those who claim to enjoy our extreme heat. The rest of the year though is pretty gosh-darn perfect most of the time – at least in comparison to much of the rest of the country.

That perfect – and very popular – the weather is a mere couple of months away, so now is a great time to assess the outdoor living space at your vacation rental home(s). Even if your vacation rental home’s outdoor space “looked great!” last fall, things can sure take a beating in the space of summer here. Take an honest look and ask yourself: Is it appealing to guests? Is it clean? Is everything in good repair? Is the seating comfortable? Is there anything at all that could make it better? 

Visitors to the Phoenix area during our beautiful fall through spring seasons are likely to want to spend as much time as possible enjoying themselves outside. A beautiful outdoor living space can be a huge highlight on your property’s rental listing, increasing your potential for bookings and higher rental rates! 


Especially if your vacation rental property boasts a pool, it’s outdoor living space is likely to become THE living area for guests much of the year. Your guests should feel as though you put just as much thought in the outdoor space as you did in the rest of your vacation rental, and upgrades will definitely be appreciated.

Comfortable, durable patio furniture with enough seating for the number of potential guests is crucial. Other amenities your guests are bound to use 

and enjoy include fire pits, barbecue grills, beverage tubs – even outdoor-appropriate throws or stadium blankets in case of a chill.

Outdoor mood-lighting never hurts, either.  There are probably hundreds of options for string lights, lanterns, post lights and solar-powered light features you could add to the outdoor living area of your vacation rental.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the outdoor area of your vacation rental home are just as important as the inside! Routinely scheduled lawn care and professional pool maintenance are half the battle, but be sure your vacation rental home cleaning crew is making sure everything is guest-ready!

Need help with your vacation rental property? Moxie Girl is the Valley’s vacation rental specialist, providing care to over 100 rental homes throughout the Phoenix area! Click here to find out how Moxie Girl can help make your vacation rental as successful as it should be! 

So Your Vacation Rental Got a Bad Review?

September 9th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

The vast majority of internet users in the United States check online reviews before making decisions on just about anything. In the vacation rental home game, the volume and quality of your property’s reviews can boost it closer to the “top of the list” on your rental platform, too, increasing your rental potential! 

So That Happened…Don’t Panic!


The bad review…No matter how hard you try if you’re operating a vacation rental home, it’s bound to happen at some point. Bad reviews can seem like personal attacks, even if that wasn’t the intent of the reviewer. And feeling personally attacked can cause all sorts of things to come out of our mouths – or our fingertips to our keyboards – that we wouldn’t say under normal circumstances.


DO NOT IGNORE IT, but don’t panic, either. Take a breath…or six dozen. It may take a bit before you’re able to objectively look at the situation from all angles. It is important that you address the review online, but only after you’ve had a chance to compose yourself enough to compose an appropriate response.


Acknowledge and Apologize


When crafting a reply to the bad review, do your best to sound professional, but keep it real. No one likes a “canned” response to a complaint – they want a person, not a spokesperson. Simply apologize for the bad experience they had and express your desire, as the owner of the vacation rental home, to “make it right,” and offer your contact info for follow up. 


Once you’ve done this, you’ve very effectively put the ball in their court – and that should be the end of any online interaction on the matter. Any further communication on the matter should be done person-to-person, not in a public forum. NO ONE wins in a cyber-fight.


What Will Make It Right?


Put yourself in the role of the disgruntled guest writing the bad review. If whatever happened to them happened to you, what would YOU be comfortable asking for, to “make it right”? If and when the guest contacts you for follow up, ask them directly what THEY feel would make it right? 


Hopefully, the two of you aren’t terribly far apart in what you think is a fair resolution. By the way, it’s quite possible that your guest was a little bit hotter under the collar when they wrote the review than they will be after a little sincere and positive interaction with you. If it turns out the guest is actually demanding less than what you had in mind to “fix this,” offering a little bit more may even cause your guest to remove or edit their review in your favor – especially if they had a very valid complaint.


What Did We Learn?


Always let the experience of dealing with a bad review be a learning experience.  What exactly went wrong at your vacation rental home that led to the bad review? Whatever it was, if the complaint was valid, it’s now your job to figure out how to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Sure, there will always be the occasional guest who’s nit-picking or looking for way more of a settlement than seems fair. Some guests even make a habit of it, unfortunately. It’s okay to wave them off once you’ve done your part in trying to make things right by offering a reasonable solution. 


Moxie Girl Can Help!


Operating a successful vacation rental home can be stressful! Putting the Moxie Girl team in charge of your between-guest turns is a great way to reclaim some of your time as a vacation rental homeowner. Click here for a FREE CONSULTATION!

Mid-Stay Vacation Rental Cleaning

August 26th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

As we’ve noted in previous blogs, most recently “Vacation Rental Homes Only!” vacation rental home guests tend to get super-comfy after about day 3 of their stay – and this usually results in the need for a much deeper between-guest cleaning than a 2-3 day booking would require. 

What We Know


With our vast experience caring for vacation rental homes throughout the Phoenix area, Moxie Girl also sees more damage done to rental properties by longer-term guests than shorter-term vacation rental guests.

These are two of the big reasons many vacation rental homeowners are reluctant to allow long-term stays on their properties. However, summer does tend to be the season where guests are seeking more lengthy stays. Especially here in Phoenix, a multi-week or even longer occupancy is tempting to the vacation rental owner, since summer tends to be brutal and rental activity takes a hit.


The Benefits of Mid-Stay Vacation Rental Cleaning


One thing vacation rental homeowners allowing longer-term bookings this summer are doing to alleviate their concerns is scheduling “mid-stay” cleanings. Long-term guests really settle in and begin treating the vacation rental home as they would their own home…and since you probably don’t know what THEIR home looks like, it’s best just to expect that they may not clean the vacation rental at all during their stay.


A mid-stay cleaning will not only make the cleaning after the guests departure (hopefully) much easier and quicker, but it also allows the vacation rental homeowner to become aware of any suspicious activity, theft of or damage to the vacation rental or its contents while the guests are still there. 

Many long-term vacation rental guests see mid-stay cleanings as a perk! Just because a guest is messy doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a clean space. Also knowing that professional cleaning is scheduled during their stay may prompt guests to live a little neater than they normally might.


Need a Moxie (or Want to BE One)?


If you’re a vacation rental homeowner in the Phoenix area CLICK HERE to find out how Moxie Girl’s team of vacation rental specialists can make your life easier. Moxie Girl currently cares for over 100 vacation rental homes throughout the Valley and we pride ourselves on our reputation for client satisfaction!

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Does Your Vacation Rental Home Spark Joy?

July 31st, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

With the immense popularity of Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” more people than ever are choosing a neater, more minimal lifestyle within their homes. It turns out many of us have a lot of unused (and useless) stuff just taking up space. What does this have to do with vacation rental homes, you ask?

Well…smart vacation rental homeowners have been doing this type of “tidying” on their rental properties for years! Vacation rental homeowners newer to the industry are using this tidy approach right from the get-go, setting up and stocking their vacation rentals in the least cluttered and most efficient way possible.

What Does Your Vacation Rental Home Really NEED?

There is much to be said for minimalism in a vacation rental home.  Let’s face it, more stuff = more stuff to clean. More stuff also = a greater potential for damage (or theft) of that stuff. Two areas in many vacation rental homes which tend to be outstanding in the “too much stuff” field are the kitchen and the linen closet.

Moxie Girl has posted two blogs you may find helpful! Whether you are actually just setting up your vacation rental home or determined to make an improvement to an existing situation in your vacation rental, check out “How to Set Up A Vacation Rental Home Kitchen” and “Laundry 101 for Vacation Rental Homes” for some excellent tips!

The Benefits of “Kondo-ing” Your Vacation Rental

Vacation rental home guests have a tendency to use whatever is made available to them, so if your vacation rental home offers an abundance (especially an over-abundance) of usable items such as towels and dishes, chances are there will be much more to clean (and organize) once the guests depart. While you always want your vacation rental guests to have everything they need, don’t over-do! Having fewer stock items (such as sheets, towels and kitchenware) available to your guests will also help you – or your vacation rental cleaning crew – keep an eye on the inventory and condition of your items.

Don’t forget to extend your tidying to the decorative items in your vacation rental home, too. With cleaning in mind, how “rental-friendly” are your decorations? Moxie Girl recommends durable decorative items with smooth surfaces for your vacation rental. You know, things that don’t break easily, but can be easily dusted or wiped clean. (That awesome Native dream-catcher isn’t going to look awesome at all once it starts collecting desert dust and cobwebs – which are nearly impossible to remove. A PAINTING of a dream-catcher would make a vacation-rental-friendly alternative!)


Choosing the right items for your vacation rental home helps avoid the overuse of resources as well as dramatically cutting down the time needed for between-guests turns!

Folding Fun

Well before her Netflix series, Marie Kondo became famous for her folding techniques (Google her YouTube videos!) With all of the bath, bed and kitchen linens in your vacation rental home, consistent folding and storage will keep your vacation rental beautifully organized.

Moxie Girl loves creative folding, too! It’s not a Kondo thing, but several of our Moxies really know how to put the fun into it. Creative folding, especially with bath linens can give your vacation rental a look that’s a step above standard staging. Our Moxie, Rebecca, is known for her bath towel elephant displays. Now THAT sparks joy!

Moxie Girl Can Help!

Moxie Girl, your vacation rental specialist services successful vacation rental properties throughout the Phoenix area – even offering same-day turns to our valued clients! CLICK HERE to take the first step in putting your vacation rental home in the care of our local team.

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Is Your Vacation Rental Home Ready for Summer?

June 19th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

Ready or not, summer is on the way! If you’re a vacation rental home owner there are definitely more than a few things to think about. Summer in the Valley of the Sun does bring some special needs…

Dry or Not, It’s Still HOT!

First and foremost on everyone’s minds in summer here in the Phoenix area is air conditioning! Most people – especially those visiting from cooler climates – would find Phoenix absolutely uninhabitable at it’s natural temperature.

If you haven’t scheduled an annual maintenance service for your vacation rental home, it should be first on your to-do list today! There are oodles of heating and cooling service companies in the Valley, but even the biggest and the best of them are booked solid days – even weeks – in advance.

Regular maintenance of your cooling unit keeps it operating at its most efficient and can identify issues before they become emergencies, extending its life, overall. Extremely important, too, is changing the air return filters in your vacation rental home at least every month. A few crazy haboobs can really gunk up a filter!

For more tips on making your vacation rental home and systems safer and more efficient, check out our blog, “How to Prepare Your Phoenix Vacation Rental for Summer.” 

Your Vacation Rental Home Oasis

If your vacation rental property boasts a private swimming pool and/or spa, you probably realize those features have their own set of challenges, year-round. But a vacation rental home with a pool is likely to be considered much more desirable by potential guests, especially in the Phoenix summer, so that’s a plus!

As a vacation rental home owner, hiring a professional pool maintenance service can reduce your headaches tremendously. Moxie Girl recommends Aquaman Pools. Aquaman has extensive experience in all phases of pool and spa care here in the Phoenix area, and services many of the vacation rental homes owned by Moxie Girl clients!

Moxie Girl has posted a plethora of tips regarding your vacation rental home pool! Check them out here:

5 Sizzling Summer Tips for Vacation Rental Home with Pools

Pool Perfection – Fireside Chat with Chad Nikkel of Aquaman Pools

Pool Maintenance 101 (for you DIYers!)

Towel, Please

Summer laundry, believe it or not, can bring some special challenges as well – more so if your vacation rental home has a pool or spa, private or community property. As we’ve previously noted (see our blog, “Laundry 101 for Vacation Rental Homes”) if you’ve got a pool, you NEED pool towels! You’ll also need to make sure they are visible and convenient to your guests.

We’ve also mentioned previously that it’s a great idea to provide your vacation rental guests with disposable make-up removing wipes. Guests tend to take advantage of “amenities” and a few pennies spent making disposable wipes available can really save your linens in the long run.

Since it’s summer, you may also want to consider providing larger, disposable body wipes for your guests to remove self-tanning and bronzing products. If you think a little mascara on a pillowcaseis a problem, just wait until you see what a body or two covered with sparkly bronzer can do to a whole set of towels and sheets! I have and it’s devastating.

Summer Fresh

Changing out a few decorative items in and around your vacation rental home can really give it a fresh look for the season.  Summer is also a great time to visit your own vacation rental property and see firsthand what may need updating or repair. Read our blogs for some Moxie Girl thoughts on these subjects. (Yes, we know it says refresh for spring, but you can refresh for any season!)

Visiting Your Own Vacation Rental Home?

Refresh Your Vacation Rental for Spring

Could Your Vacation Rental Property Use a Vacation Rental Specialist?

Moxie Girl has a stellar reputation in Phoenix area vacation rental home care – even offering same-day turns to our valued clients! Find out how to make our caring team YOUR caring team – a FREE CONSULTATION is just a click away!

Road-Trips and Your Vacation Rental Home

June 12th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

Summer is upon us here in The Valley and if you own a vacation rental home in the Phoenix area, you may think business is a goner until September or so. Some vacation rental home owners even go as far as to “close” their rental properties until the end of summer. Big mistake! For more on those particular subjects, check out these informative Moxie blogs: “Summer Vacation Rentals – Moxie Girl Debunks the Myths” and “Boosting Summer Vacation Rental Bookings”!

While it may not seem as popular during the summer months, there are still plenty of bookings to be had by making your vacation rental home more available to road-trippers! Phoenix is a frequent stop for those traveling to the Grand Canyon and other National parks, San Diego and lots of summer music festivals and other events in the Southwestern U.S. – even Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico.

Competitive Pricing

As we highlighted in our ‘Boosting Summer Vacation Rental Bookings,” you will most likely need to make some adjustments to your pricing during the hot, humid months. Most of the best resorts in the Phoenix area offer their rooms at rock-bottom prices in the summer, because, well, they figured out long ago that’s the way to drive your business in the “off” season – and something is definitely better than nothing.

Look at the competition around the location of your vacation rental home and aim to keep your prices in check, keeping in mind these fancy resorts are also probably sweetening their deals with “packages” that you just may not be able to offer. Yes, we know it seems heart-breaking to list your stunning vacation rental at less than half of it’s winter value, but again, something is definitely better than nothing – and you have expenses pertaining to your rental property all year long.

Increased Accessibility

Moxie Girl works with many vacation rental homes that have a 2-night minimum stay required and don’t usually offer last minute bookings. During the busy season, when throngs of visitors are making Phoenix their vacation destination, those policies are pretty standard and certainly don’t tend to deter bookings. But summer is a different animal – especially if you want to attract those road-trippers!

When an overnight in Phoenix is just a stop on the way to Disneyland, most folks are ready to roll first thing in the morning – having no intention of being here any longer than necessary, so a 2-night minimum may indeed have your potential guest scrolling on to the next AirBnb listing. It’s a good idea to, at the very least, lift your 2-night minimum Monday-Thursday nights since this is what the road-trippers will probably be most interested in anyway.

Since one-night-only road-trippers most likely want to get on their way in the early morning, you’ll generally have a few more hours to turn your vacation rental home than you normally would, which makes taking those last-minute bookings even easier!

Need Help with Your Vacation Rental Home?

Moxie Girl is the Valley’s vacation rental specialist! Our main focus is vacation rental properties of all sizes, throughout the Phoenix area. Our clients enjoy more stress-free living with Moxie Girl handling their between-guest turns – even same-day! Find out what we can do for you – just click for a FREE CONSULTATION. 

Firing Your Vacation Rental Cleaner

June 5th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

As a vacation rental home owner, you know there are a lot of things that need attention in order to make your vacation rental business a success. One of most important things on your list is being certain your vacation rental home is made guest-ready between bookings. Many vacation rental home owners depend on an outside service to attend to those “turns” on their behalf, and guests definitely pay attention to cleanliness – as well as presentation ( or “staging” as we like to call it.)


Now, if you’re working with an established team of vacation rental specialists (such as Moxie Girl) chances are you are completely satisfied with your service and feel you’re getting the most bang for your buck. But what if the team or individual you’ve hired to take care of this crucial task just isn’t performing to your standards?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of continuing to use a service we’re not completely satisfied with, for many reasons. We tend to be discomforted by “being the boss” – or we haven’t gotten around to finding a replacement.  Lots of people don’t even like the thought of confrontation, much less having to fire someone. So we “live with it” – and grow resentful.

Moxie Girl is here to tell you that you shouldn’t “settle” when it comes to the care of your vacation rental home. Business is business and your rental home IS your business, so that makes you the boss, whether you like it or not. Rather than let your resentment build, here’s a cut-and-dried method to rectifying the situation in a professional manner.

Step 1 – Communicate

We assume you did, at the beginning of your relationship with your vacation rental cleaner, agree on the services that the cleaner would provide and how things should look and feel in your vacation rental when they’ve done their job. Perhaps your needs changed somewhere along the way and the info didn’t reach the cleaner? Or maybe your vacation rental cleaner is just “missing” some things that are turning up via bad reviews on your AirBnB or other vacation rental platform.

You must clearly communicate your requirements and be sure to highlight those things that are particular “sticking points” to you. If you’re one of the many people who would prefer to avoid a face-to-face confrontation, email works! (And you’ll have documentation for future reference – either in letting your current vacation rental home cleaner go and/or in hiring a new one – BONUS!)

With all of your needs clearly communicated, asks your vacation rental home cleaner the big question: Going forward, will you meet these requirements? If the answer is “yes” – great! But do make it clear that these things are “musts” and that you’ll be keeping an eye on the situation and if the agreement isn’t kept, you’ll be forced to hire a different vacation rental home cleaner.

Now, it IS possible that your vacation rental cleaner can’t or won’t agree they can come through for you, so you really should have a back-up plan ready. We won’t lie, Moxie Girl has turned away a few clients with VERY detailed and specifically-detailed needs. (Hey, we’re a team currently responsible for well over 150 vacation rental homes Valley-wide AND we offer same-day turns. We just can’t GUARANTEE that the throw pillows on your sofa are going to be exactly 1.5” apart, with the smaller points of the triangle print facing north, dude.)

So, if your vacation rental cleaner says “no,” they’ve basically just fired themselves and now you don’t have to. You do, however, need to get your back-up plan into action. If you have a vacation rental in the Phoenix metro area, Moxie Girl would love to talk to you! Just click for a FREE CONSULTATION.)

Step 2 – Set an Agreement (They Said Yes)

So the answer was “yes, we will do that.” Great! Now you’ve both got a renewed understanding as to how things will be done at your vacation rental home and everything should be smooth sailing from here on out.

As part of this agreement, you might require that pics of the vacation rental home be sent to you, showing that everything has been completed according to your requirements. This is not uncommon, especially in cases where the vacation rental home owner resides out of state.

If going forward you find that vacation rental cleaner isn’t keeping their end of the agreement, all you need is present them with the documentation and again, they’ve just fired themselves. Next!

Well THAT Was Easy!

Easier, anyway. We repeat: It’s crucial to have a Plan B when it comes to firing your vacation rental cleaner – you definitely don’t want to interrupt your booking calendar simply because there’s no one to turn it for you in between guests. Chances are that if you were unhappy, you probably did at least a little bit of searching for alternatives.

When interviewing a new vacation rental cleaner, you can pull out that list of requirements from Step 1 and let it be Step 1 in your interviewing process as well. It may also be helpful to think back to when you hired that last vacation rental cleaner – the one that just fired themselves. In retrospect, was there anything you feel you should’ve asked (or handled differently) during that process? Here’s your chance to improve your communication and make sure your NEW vacation rental cleaning company is on the same page.

Moxie Girl leads the way in the care of vacation rental homes throughout the Phoenix area. Not only have we made vacation rental home care our priority, we guarantee our work and we guarantee same-day turns for our valued clients! CLICK here to see how we can help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your vacation rental home.

P.S. We are always looking for the next Moxie Girl (or boy!) to join our team. If making money while staying active and fit on a flexible schedule sounds good to you, we’d love to meet you – CLICK HERE to apply!

HB 2672 Affects Your Arizona Vacation Rental Home!

May 24th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

Attention Arizona Vacation Rental Home Owners!

The business of operating vacation rental homes has skyrocketed in the past five years, with these short-term rentals increasing in number by well over 500% since late 2014 – and occupancy rates for these vacation rental properties are at an all-time high! Business is definitely booming if you’re the owner of a vacation rental home.

Vacation rental properties – or their guests, rather – also provide a steady influx of new visitors to businesses in the areas surrounding these rentals. That equals greater success to those business  -and more money into city and state sales tax coffers! There are even business (Moxie Girl, for example) dedicated to serving the vacation rental industry, boosting employment opportunity in the Valley!

Other Side-Effects of this Boom?

Yes…Complaints, unfortunately. Many permanent residents of nearby vacation rental properties – especially larger ones – tell tales of woe. Noise, trash and increased traffic have been among the most common complaints. To those living next to “party houses,” short-term rentals have become a nuisance – and residents have not been quiet in making their feelings known to officials.

New Law Affecting Vacation Rentals Signed  by Gov. Ducey on May 21, 2019

As the operator of a vacation rental home in Arizona, you need to be aware of the new legal requirements that apply, state-wide. Most importantly, regardless of what city statutes and license regulations may apply, anyone in the vacation rental game in our state must have an Arizona sales tax license to operate legally.

The new law also states that rentals may not be used for weddings, banquets or other special events that would otherwise require a permit.  Certain occupancy specifics are also affected by the new legislation. Rep. John Kavanaugh, R-Fountain Hills, sponsor of HB 2672, says this measure addresses and aims to eliminate the “party house” issues at the root of many complaints. 

There are also a number of new rules regarding providing vacation rental home owner contact info to cities and towns, as well as changes to violation process policies. With fines for violations ranging from $250 to $1,500+, you’ll definitely want to stay on top of your admin (and enforcement) duties as the owner of your vacation rental!

But is the New Law Enough?

Many Valley residents say the new law, which goes into effect 90 days after the end of the legislative session ends, doesn’t go far enough in curbing the disruptions they have been experiencing due to neighboring vacation rental properties. When the bill was first introduced, it included a much longer list of restrictions than the final version, signed into law this week. Rep. Kavanaugh was concerned that if included in the final bill, it would either not get enough votes to pas – or face a veto by Gov. Doug Ducey. Ducey, in signing the bill stated “In Arizona, we respect the right to do what we want with our property without undue government interference. I am open to corrective action if this bill is applied too broadly.”

Most cities already have noise, parking and littering ordinances, but officials say these rules are tough to enforce in many cases – especially in the case of vacation rental properties. Many are hopeful, though, that the new law will at least help take care of the worst violators.  

You can read HB 2672 HERE.

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Coming Soon:  The Busiest Vacation Rental Season Yet!

October 2nd, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno


Moxie Girl saw our busiest spring season ever in 2018 and with the Phoenix area growing in popularity as a vacation destination, we expect 2019 to be HUGE!

Read on to find out how to better prepare yourself and your vacation rental home to maximize bookings and profitability for the coming spring.


Mark Your Calendars!

Events such as the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament and the Cactus League spring training games draw thousands of visitors to the Phoenix area each year and 2019 should be no exception. The Phoenix Open runs from January 28th to February 3rd. Spring training dates for 2019 aren’t scheduled as of this writing, but if we have to “ballpark” it (see what we did there?) Moxie Girl says plan for the last week of February through the first few days in April, for now.


Also, the month of March – ALL of it – seems to be the most popular month for vacationing in Phoenix – and it’s no wonder since our weather is usually perfect!

Review your vacation rental home rates for all spring dates, NOW. Lodging rates during these high-traffic months can be 2 1/2 to 3 times higher than summer months, so do a little comparison shopping for vacation rental and hotel rates in your area to determine what you should be charging and update your rental calendar accordingly.


Accentuate Your Positives!

If your property listing could use a little punching up, spring is a great time for doing just that! Does your property boast a swimming pool or a spa? If so, be sure to highlight those features in your listings. Some updated photos may be in order, especially if you’ve made any improvements or decorative changes to your vacation rental home. Show it off!


Accurate and appealing descriptions are always a must – and don’t forget to stress the desirability of your vacation rental home(s) location!  Many guests are willing to pay more to enjoy the convenience of being within walking distance or a short Uber ride to event venues.

Shut Up Liver, You’re Fine!

Vacation rental homeowners beware; alcohol is likely to play a huge part in guest activities in the first quarter of the year – it seems to be a tradition. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption has a bad habit of increasing the chance of mishaps during your guests stay. Now is the time to do a thorough walk-through of your vacation rental property, take care of any maintenance issues and remove any decorative items which may be easily broken or are not-so-easily cleaned.


Moxie Girl has walked in to ‘party aftermath’ on cleaning day enough times to know that you don’t want to waste any time checking the condition of your vacation rental home after your guests depart. It’s important to remember, too, that most vacation rental home platforms have a limited window for you to charge your guests for any damages that may have occurred, so time is certainly of the essence!


While there may be many reasons for unanticipated late checkouts, alcohol consumption will probably also be to blame for at least a few during the spring season. Be sure your policies regarding the use of your property as well as fees for damage and late checkouts are clearly stated and understood by your guests. You may also want to consider increasing the deposit you require on your vacation rental property during this time.


Bro Bashes


We’re not saying females can’t be messy – or unruly – but as the old saying goes, “Boys will be boys.” With spring weddings so popular in the Phoenix area, you may notice an increase in the booking of bachelor party stays, especially if you vacation rental home is in a prime nightlife spot (think Old Town Scottsdale, ASU Tempe, and downtown Phoenix.)


It’s been Moxie Girl’s experience that if anything is going to get broken or thrown up on, it’s like to happen during a “Bro Bash.” So plan to get in there quickly after checkout and schedule a little extra time for cleaning if possible, just in case!


Talking Trash


As you might imagine all this spring partying tends to create mountains of trash and even bigger mountains of recyclables. Expect a lot of empty bottles, cans, and cartons during this time. Clearly labeling your recycle bins – indoor and outdoor – with the specifics of your vacation rental homes recycling service will make it easier for your guests to properly dispose of their refuse and keep you out of trouble with your service provider. Know your scheduled pick-up days and make sure your bins are out on time!



So, try to ignore the heat for now and get busy with planning for a busy and profitable 2019 spring season! From set-up to clean-up, Moxie Girl is an expert in caring for vacation rental homes throughout the Phoenix area. Check out our other blogs for more great tips on preparing and maintaining your vacation rental property. If you’d rather enjoy more of your free time than be bothered with all these details, give us a call! Moxie Girl would love to be YOUR vacation rental home specialist, too!

Moxie Girl Spotlight:  Meet Cat, Our Queen of Bed-Making!

September 18th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

Moxie Girl knows that one of our biggest assets is our outstanding team – and we look for a whole lot of, well, MOXIE when adding to it! In the first of a series, we are shining our spotlight on our Moxie, Cat.

Catherine, Cat for short, joined the Moxie Girl team in May of 2017 and quickly began showing off her propensity for bed-making.  With her “hospital corners”, pillows fluffed to dreamy perfection and an eye for eye-catching designs, Cat doesn’t just ‘make a bed’ – she creates a comfy and inviting work of domestic art!

I recently had an opportunity to catch up with Cat and get a little more insight into our own Queen of Bed-Making…


Moxie Girl:  Other than your passion for bed-making, what should we know about you?

Cat: I am humanist, born and raised in Arizona and currently studying psychology & philosophy. 


MG: Have you always been what some people might call “obsessed” with bed-making perfection?

Cat: Working for Moxie Girl has definitely enabled and encouraged my “obsession for bed making perfection”. I have always appreciated a beautiful bed, but was not always able to put one together.

MG: Who first taught you to make a bed? Does this fascination with bed-making run in your family?

Cat: I don’t remember if my parents taught me how to make a bed or if I taught myself… However, I was professionally trained on how to make a bed at Moxie Girl by Wendy. Neither of my parents are obsessed with beds but I do have a few obsessive bed-making aunties. 


MG: Do you make your own bed every day? Do you take the time to get fancy with it?

Cat: I like to make my bed every day!  It just makes me feel like I’ve got life figured out. BUT the only time I really make my bed is when I first lay fresh sheets. 

MG: What’s your favorite source of inspiration for creative bed dressing? What is your current favorite look or design?

Cat: I love to look on Pinterest for different ways to make beds. Nothing beats a big white fluffy bed. I consider my style minimal and simplistic! 

MG: I happen to know you’re also an expert at folding sheets.  Is there a task that frustrates you to the same degree most people get frustrated by attempting to neatly fold a fitted sheet?

Cat: I cannot bear ironing! I hate ironing dress clothes. I am simply just not good at it!


MG: What do you feel are the three most important qualities of a Moxie Girl?

Cat: Kindness, grit and playfulness.

MG: What is YOUR favorite thing about being a Moxie Girl?

Cat: My favorite thing about being a Moxie girl is getting to learn new things from all of the angles of the business, whether it’s learning how to market and network or learning new ways to make a room beautiful.

All beds above made by Catherine!

Awwww…Cat, you make any room more beautiful just by being in it!

In addition to keeping our Moxie Girls (and boys!) motivated and engaged in providing our clients with excellent service, we also strive to support and encourage our Moxies in their professional – and personal – goals!

With our professional paid training, flexible scheduling and all supplies included, Moxie Girl offers an excellent opportunity to thrive. Think you’ve got what it takes to join our team? Moxie Girl is expanding and we’d love to have you come to grow with us.  Click on the application and tell us about yourself! 

Summer Vacation Rentals – Moxie Girl Debunks the Myths

June 30th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

You’ve probably heard – and may even believe – many myths about summer vacation rentals in Arizona. With our extensive vacation rental home experience, Moxie Girl has seen first-hand that vacation rentals in the Phoenix area are more popular than ever!  Read on as we debunk a few of these myths and find out how to maximize your vacation rental home this summer.

Myth #1 – No One Comes to Arizona in the Summer

Wrong! While it’s true that the volume of summer visitors is less than the rest of the year, there are still plenty of people coming to Arizona in the summer – consider these three examples…

  1. California IS a popular summer destination and many travelers use the I-10, through Arizona, to get there and many will need to places to stay on the way.
  2. Business travel happens year-round. Vacation rental homes can be a superior choice for employee lodging, especially for businesses sending teams of employees.
  3. The Phoenix Metro area is one of the fastest growing in the U.S. This means people are relocating to Arizona at a rapid rate.  With the kids out of school, summer is often the preferred time to move. Whether seeking a short-term “check-out-the-area” stay, or a longer-term “waiting for escrow to close” stay, a vacation rental home can be the perfect solution for new arrivals.

Myth #2 – Summer Renters are “Lower Quality” Renters

As hotels and resorts slash their rates for summer, vacation rental owners must follow suit. The reality is that guests who paid $500/night in our cooler months are the SAME people paying $125-$175/night during the summer.

At Moxie Girl, we actually see the most damage done to vacation rental properties outside the summer months. Golf tournament weekend is always at the top of the list.  March seems to be full of “boy’s weekends.” And May is very popular for bachelor party weekends before June weddings. End-of-semester parties with groups of students celebrating their freedom…things like that. Also, guests enjoying longer stays during any time of the year seem to get really comfortable around the 3rd week of their stay, becoming a little less careful and a little more messy.

Myth #3 – Keeping My Vacation Rental Home Available in Summer is Too Expensive

Really? Even if you ‘close’ your vacation rental for the summer, your mortgage, HOA dues, and utility fees don’t go on vacation. You’ll also have at least a minimum electric bill, even if the home is empty!

So, let’s do the math…using a “baseline” electric bill of $100, here’s what your fixed monthly expenses look like:

$1,500 Mortgage Payment

$75 HOA Dues

$100 Utility Fee

$100 Electric Bill

$1,775 TOTAL

$1,775 out of pocket, every month…on a property sitting empty? But what if you booked 20 nights in a month?  Even at a summer rate of $89/night, you’d have $1,780 cash incoming. Granted, your electric bill is going to increase, because people LOVE air-conditioning! But even if your electric cost increases from $100 to $350, bringing your monthly expense to $2,202, your net cash outlay goes from a whopping $1,775 to just $245 a month – and you’re showing activity and collecting reviews on your property!

Well, those myths certainly appear to be debunked, don’t they? That math should be plenty of incentive for you to keep your Arizona vacation rental home up and running, year-round. Understanding your potential summer guests and keeping your price-point in line with summer hotel rates will definitely work to your advantage! Discover more ways to make your life as a vacation rental homeowner easier, safer and more profitable by checking out our other Moxie Girl blogs.

For more great info on this subject, please visit the STRM website and check out these helpful blogs

How to Set Up a Vacation Rental Home Kitchen

June 28th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

Moxie Girl is always looking for ways to make your life as a Phoenix vacation rental home owner easier, more efficient and cost-effective!  The kitchen is one area that can be rampant with inefficiencies, if you’re not experienced. Read on as Moxie Girl guides you through setting up your vacation rental home kitchen in a way that gives your guests all the comforts they’ll need during their stay – and keeps it simple for YOU!

1.First Impressions

Your guests will expect to walk into a sparkling clean, fresh-smelling kitchen, with appliances in good working order, so don’t disappoint!  Moxie Girl recommends an empty fridge, with the exception of bottled water and perhaps a few squeezable condiments. We also recommend a lined trash can with a lid for the kitchen, to keep any odors on lockdown during your guests’ stay.

Opened cabinets and drawers should reveal clean surfaces and neatly organized gear.  Check the corners – especially in drawers – dust and debris like to gravitate there.

Keep any decorative items limited to things that can be easily cleaned and dusted. Decorations that are porous or include fibrous materials will only collect grease and dust, and who needs that?

2. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (and the Toast)!

Even if they don’t plan to prepare any meals during their stay, a cup of coffee and/or a slice of toast are often how your guests get started in the morning.  If you choose a traditional coffee maker, a reusable filter is a great idea. Although a bit pricier, Keurig coffee makers are very popular choice too. Whichever you choose, regular and decaf coffee, sugar and powdered creamer are welcome amenities your guests will appreciate!

When choosing a toaster for your vacation rental home kitchen, be sure to find a model that’s easy to clean and de-crumb! If you’ve got a lot of counter space, a toaster oven may be an even better choice since they are more versatile and may deter the heat and mess of using the big oven for a small dish.

3. Honey, Where’s the…?

For most vacation rental home needs, the “basics” are enough.  Don’t clutter your kitchen cabinets, drawers and countertops with single-purpose gadgets.  One or two items, especially if related to other features of the home are okay– maybe a fancy hydraulic wine opener if your vacation rental boasts a wine fridge – but it’s always best to concentrate on the essentials.

Guests will tend to use whatever is made available to them.  So, while it’s important to cover the basics, you will only complicate your life (and your guest’s) by providing too many things.  Here’s a list of what your vacation rental home needs as far as general kitchen equipment:

Corkscrew/Bottle Opener

Can Opener

Spatula and Large Spoons for Cooking (2 of each is plenty – and make sure they are compatible with your pots and pans!)

Set of Measuring Spoons and a 1C Measuring Cup

A Pitcher with a Lid

A Set of Mixing/Serving Bowls

Set of Serving Utensils

Baking Sheet and Cake Pan

Set of Kitchen Knives

Cutting Board

Hot Pads

Salt and Pepper

Set of Pots and Pans with Lids (this should include a decent-sized skillet!

4. Let’s Eat (and Drink)!

When stocking your vacation rental home kitchen with dishes and silverware, consider how many guests the home accommodates. For most, a complete service for eight is sufficient.  So that’s eight each of drinking glasses, coffee mugs, bowls, salad plates, dinner plates and silverware settings. (Fun fact: a service of eight = approximately one full load in the dishwasher, and will encourage guests to wash the dishes!) If your vacation rental home accommodates 12 people, of course you’ll want 2 complete sets of eight.

Don’t forget to stock wine glasses and beer mugs or pint glasses, too – enough to cover the number of potential guests, plus a few extras.  Wine glasses tend to get broken more than anything else in the kitchen, so it never hurts to have an extra set of eight stored away for quick replacement between guests.

5. Clean-up and Supplies

Again, we’re covering the essentials here.  By stocking these simple supplies, you cover their needs while encouraging guests to clean-up after themselves, keeping your vacation rental home tidy during their stay!  Your guests should be able to easily locate these items, so choose logical placement, even if items are stored in a cabinet or drawer.

Small rolls of tin foil and plastic wrap

Trash liners to fit your lidded kitchen trash bin

Dishwashing liquid-this should be placed by the sink

Liquid handsoap-also placed by the sink

Dishwasher detergent or pods-this can be stored in a lower cabinet, near the dishwasher.  If you use detergent pods, those may be attractively placed with other “countertop” items like dishwashing liquid and handsoap. Also, think about posting some easy operating instructions for your dishwasher.  This will make your guests feel more comfortable in actually using it!

Small kitchen sponge-We like a non-scratch scrubby side on our sponge, too, just in case. Replace after each guest!

Paper towels -Moxie Girl recommends a mounted hanging paper towel roll or a countertop stand to keep towels clean and dry. An extra roll under the sink is also a good idea!

Paper Napkins- Your guests could use paper towels, but actual paper napkins can be more cost-effective, so it’s something to consider.

Clean, empty plastic grocery bags-A grocery bag is always handy to contain wet or messy kitchen trash, wet clothing or “just some things” your guests may need to carry or wrap.  And they’re FREE, so let’s make them available. You could even purchase a “bag-bag” – a neat way to store and dispense them!


Moxie Girl is chock full of excellent advice when it comes to stocking, cleaning and operating your vacation rental home! Check our blog frequently for more tips – we know you’ll find them helpful. And of course, Moxie Girl would be happy to take full charge of these tasks for you.  

If you have a vacation rental that you’d like some help with, we need just a few details about your vacation rental to get you a quote for our vacation rental cleaning services.


Tips for a Successful Summer as a Vacation Rental Home Owner

June 19th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

If you own a vacation rental home in the Phoenix area, you may be thinking “the season” is over…but summer vacation rentals are actually a lot more popular than most people know.  While summer bookings are undoubtedly fewer than the rest of the year, you can still make this season a success! Here are a few tips that will help you have a “no sweat” summer vacation rental season.

Know Your Summer Bookings!

 Summer guests fall largely into three categories:

  1. Last-Minute Bookings – Often work-related or emergency travel, but summer is also the time for spontaneous road trips!
  2. Stay-cations – These will usually be weekend visits. A requirement for many stay-cationers is a swimming pool, so ALWAYS make your sparkling pool a highlight in your summer listings!
  3. Longer-term Renters – With the kids out of school, summer is a popular time to move and some find it necessary to secure a temporary home while their new one is being made ready, or while waiting for escrow to close.  Especially if your rental doesn’t have a pool, consider monthly pricing to attract the longer-term bookings.

The Price is Right! Or is it?

If your vacation rental is empty in the summer, you’re doing it wrong! Check out hotel pricing in the area. What was a $300/night room in March is easily $99/night during the summer months.  Even local resorts offer $99 rooms in the summer.

We often see vacation rental homeowners catch on to “summer pricing” in their second year.  So if this is your first year, don’t waste these months! Remember, the more activity on your listing, the more attractive your vacation rental home becomes – both to prospective guests and site algorithms.

Protect Your Vacation Rental Home!

No one wants a sky-high electric bill, or worse, to have to replace a $10k A/C system prematurely. A lockable thermostat is a worthwhile investment. Just lock it at 72 degrees and you can relax knowing your system is safely operating at maximum efficiency.

If you have long breaks between guests, consider having Moxie Girl check on your vacation rental home just to make sure everything is safe and in order.  That’s considerable peace of mind for only $35!

Communication is Key!

Summer is notorious for last-minute bookings and changes.  You may notice more guests extending their

stays because summer in Phoenix is actually pretty nice when you have time to relax by a pool! Always communicate with Moxie Girl regarding any scheduling changes within 24 hours.


No one likes unpleasant surprises – especially guests. Be sure your guests are aware of any fees for extending their stay, late check-outs, damages, etc. Also, it never hurts to prepare guests – especially those not familiar with the desert – for things such the occasional scorpion and our crazy monsoon storms.

Don’t ignore it for the summer when you can keep your vacation rental home working for you, year-round! Moxie Girl is always here to help – from setting up your vacation rental home to ensuring on-time, quality cleaning between guests! Check our other Moxie blogs for more information to make the most of your summer vacation rental bookings.

That’s a Nice Touch! How to Make Your Phoenix Vacation Rental Home Stand Out

June 12th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

As a vacation rental home owner in the Phoenix area, Moxie Girl knows you face a lot of competition for bookings. With hundreds of choices, potential guests are not only looking at pricing and availability – they are also looking for a great experience.  We’ve all heard the saying “Little things mean a lot,” and it’s true – those “little things” can really enhance a vacation stay. With minor effort and little to no extra expense, here are some things you can do to let your guests know you have them in mind!

1. Welcome!

A nice and concise printed welcome letter with vital information is always useful.  The property WI-FI password should always be prominent. Other points to include: Property address (in case of emergency), door/lockbox codes and instructions, any info needed to operate cable or satellite television/entertainment systems and check- in/check-out times. Consider laminating your letter or placing it in a tabletop display stand to protect it for re-use, and don’t forget to update information as necessary!

Especially if they are new to the area, your vacation rental home guests may also appreciate a small, orderly display of promo material from nearby restaurants or attractions. Moxie Girl has clients who also place bottled water and/or a bottle of wine, and packaged snacks to welcome guests.

2.Pillows, Bedding and Towels…Oh, My!

Attractive placement of decorative pillows and throws in your vacation rental home help to make a great first impression, but be sure to check ALL fabric surfaces for lint, hair and other debris! A lint roller from the dollar store will make quick work of this task.

Bedding and decorative pillow arrangement options are nearly endless!  Here are pics of a few looks we love here at Moxie Girl:

There are also a variety of ways to fold (and hang) your bathroom linens – different folds may just “fit better” on the towel rack or in the cabinet.  It’s important that you pick a fold that looks nice and works with your space, and it’s even more important to BE CONSISTENT to maintain an orderly and attractive appearance.


3.Tissue Flowers and Paper Points

To give your bathrooms a crisp and professional finish, fold the end square of your spindled toilet tissue into a point. Also, a full (or at least almost full) roll of toilet tissue on the spindle makes a considerably nicer presentation than a half-empty (or less) roll. You can always take partial rolls home for your personal use. Take this idea into the kitchen and use a nice, clean fold-over on your paper towel roll, too!

If you provide tissues for your guests – which is already a nice touch – add an even nicer touch by using 3-5 tissues layered together to make a flower to tuck into the top each box.  Fancy!

4.Houston, We Have a Problem!

Your guest’s “emergency” may be your opportunity to shine.  Think how thankful you’d be as a guest, if you needed any of the following items and actually found it, easily, in the vacation home you’ve rented!

A basic first-aid kit is ALWAYS a good idea – store it where it will be easily found if needed.  A bathroom cabinet that holds extra rolls of toilet paper may be a good choice.

On one trip or another, we’ve all experienced the realization that we forgot to pack a true necessity.  Often it’s a toothbrush, toothpaste or tampons – so why not have a (very) small supply tucked away to tide your guests over until they can get to the store? A mini sewing kit could save the day for the guest who just lost a button while getting ready to go out on the town.

Always check these items between guests to ensure they are clean and complete for your next arrival.

5.Extra, Extra!

Implementing any or all of the ideas we’ve suggested so far will help impress your guests and let them know you care.  If you’re willing to go a little bit further, you might consider placing mints on bed pillows for your guests’ first night. How about providing hotel-style bath amenities to make your guests feel special?  Shampoo, conditioner and body wash may be purchased by the case, and sets of product can be attractively arranged between guest stays to provide a more hotel-like experience. Individually packaged make-up remover wipes are popular with the ladies and can certainly help you avoid laundry problems!

If you haven’t already, get busy adding the little things that will let your guests know you care! At Moxie Girl, we are experts in the vacation rental home field.  We want your guests not only to return, but also recommend your vacation rental home to others.

Keep an eye on our Moxie blog for more helpful tips about setting up, cleaning and operating your vacation rental home and give us a call if you’d rather let Moxie handle the job for you! If you have a vacation rental that you’d like some help with, contact us today to get a quote for vacation rental cleaning services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.


Laundry 101 for Vacation Rental Homes

June 5th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

Whether you are already operating a vacation rental home or just in the “thinking about it” stage, laundry is likely on your mind! Moxie Girl has experienced a wide range of vacation rental homes here in the Phoenix area – we’ve seen what “works” and what doesn’t.

Today let’s delve into what is usually considered the biggest chore in getting your vacation rental home guest-ready…LAUNDRY! Here are five helpful hints to make this task easier!

1. Don’t Over-Supply Your Guests!

Be aware that guests tend to use whatever is made available to them, so don’t open yourself up to excessive and unnecessary loads of laundry.  One full set of bath linens (bath towel, hand towel and 2 washcloths) per potential guest should be plenty for short stays. One or two extra sets, stored in an accessible bathroom cabinet, should accommodate any “emergencies” that may arise.

We highly advise locking away an extra set (or two!) of all linens for your cleaning crew. If you have a same day turn, it will be a huge help for them to be able to make beds and reset the bathrooms, without having to wait on the washer and dryer.

2. Got Pool?

Who doesn’t love a pool in the Phoenix summer?  You can protect your bath linens by providing beach towels (one per potential guest, plus a few extras.) Place your rolled and attractively arranged beach towels in a basket or bin near the main door to the pool to be sure they are seen and used!

3. Be Proactive in Avoiding Stains

At first glance, it may seem like “another @#$% expense,” but Moxie Girl has noticed that vacation rental home owners who provide disposable make-up wipes to their guests tend to keep their linens looking fresh and new much longer than those who don’t.  Individually packaged, hypo-allergenic make-up wipes can be purchased by the case and are much less expensive in the long run than replacing stained linens! (Bonus – Your guests will see this as a thoughtful amenity, and as we mentioned in item #1, they DO tend to use what is made available!)

4. No-Hassle Bedding

For the sake of simplicity and ease of care, Moxie Girl always recommends white cotton linens in vacation rental homes. If your home has beds of different sizes, find the label on each sheet, both flat and fitted, and mark the size with a Sharpie.  No more guessing which sheet is a queen (Q) and which is a full (F)!

Also keep in mind that comforters are too large to wash in most residential washers and dryers.  If you are using comforters on your beds, Moxie Girl recommends duvet covers, which are easily removed and laundered between guests.

5. Supplies

Be sure to keep necessary laundry supplies stocked at all times.  If guests have access to a washer and dryer in your vacation rental home, it’s nice to leave enough detergent out for a load or two but keep the bulk of your supplies in a locked cabinet or area that is not guest-accessible.

Laundry Soap – Always have enough detergent stocked to handle the ‘between-guest” laundering to be done. Laundry pods are convenient and pre-measured, making it easy to keep an eye on the supply.  You may also want to consider dye and fragrance-free detergent, just to be on the safe side of any potential guest allergies.

Bleach – Just a small amount of this very inexpensive product added to the wash cycle helps remove stains and keeps your linens looking fresh and crisp!

Spot Treatment – Especially if you are not stocking make-up wipes for your guests, a spot treatment product is a must for removing tough stains.  Always be sure to follow the directions found on your product of choice!

Dryer Sheets – Actually, we don’t find them necessary, but Moxie Girl recommends that if you DO use dryer sheets, to use them only when drying bed linens, as they can negatively affect the absorbency of bath linens and pool towels!

If your vacation rental home is already up-and-running, do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to make sure you are following these time and money-saving tips.  If you are in the set-up phase, following these guidelines when purchasing and stocking your vacation rental home will ensure you are “doing it right” from the get-go!

Moxie Girl will be sharing more ways to make your life as a vacation rental home owner easier than ever, so be sure to check our blogs frequently for updates! And, of course, if you’d rather just “put the pros in charge” of setting up your property, just give us a call.  Moxie Girl is always here to help you make the most of your vacation rental home with our vacation rental cleaning services too!

What to Expect from Your Phoenix Vacation Rental Guests in the Summer

May 29th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

There’s something about summer. The temperature rises, and when it’s in the triple digits for weeks—and months—at a time, tempers can rise as well. As a Phoenix vacation rental owner, you need to know what’s different about summertime. Sometimes, summer vacation rental guests get frustrated about things winter guests don’t even notice. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help your guests have an amazing experience, no matter what time of the year they visit.

Prepare Your Summer Vacation Rental Guests

Many summer visitors are not prepared for what to expect in Arizona. After all, it’s hot here and they may not be ready for that. Summer vacation rental guests can be uncomfortable and cranky, but you can offset that with some simple preparations.

  • Ensure guests know how to get into the house. Start with a keypad on the door, and back that up with a code at the garage and a lockbox with a key. Always have alternative ways to enter the home
  • If you are out of town, give your guests access to your local support team, perhaps your vacation rental cleaning service
  • Keep your housecleaning fee the same year round and let guests know to plan for it. They may balk at the fee when they know the house isn’t booked as often, but when you keep it the same, it’s easier to explain
  • Increase amenities and nice touches, which will go a long way to make guests feel more welcome and comfortable

Plan for Guests Who Stay Longer than Expected

When vacation rental homes don’t turn over as quickly, guests may assume they have carte blanche to stay as long as they’d like. And while you may welcome the extra income when guests stay and cover times that would otherwise be empty, changes can disrupt schedules.

  • Have a clear policy about extended stays, including clear communication on check-ins, checkouts, and fees associated with staying past checkout
  • Include a deadline for notifying you or your housecleaning team about extending their scheduled checkout time
  • Create a method for letting your housecleaning team know about changes in scheduling. If they are unaware, they may not have enough lead-time to notify employees—leaving you to absorb extra fees

Follow Up with Guests During and After Their Stay

Knowing that summer vacation rental guests tend to be higher maintenance, it’s smart to follow up with them.

  • Reach out following check-in to make sure guest made it in the home. Do they need anything? Is everything available for them?
  • Touch base after visitors have left the rental. Did they enjoy their stay? Definitely let them know you look forward to welcoming them back

Moxie Girl Household Assistants specializes in cleaning vacation rentals in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We understand the higher expectations that your summer vacation rental guests have, and we work hard to give them a great experience. Contact us to learn more about how we can become part of your team.